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Our capture websites include www.LoseMyDebt.com and www.HotLoan.com Lead programs can be private labeled, branded, or customized to meet your business objectives. Click here to learn more about how we market our sites.

Additionally, our debt consolidation leads and debt settlement leads go through a thorough two step QA process to insure they are of high quality. Our commitment to high quality leads and customer satisfaction requires that we invest the time and money to insure the quality of our debt leads.


Ways to setup your lead campaign:

Submissions are processed, matched, and delivered in under 20 seconds with our proprietary Real Time lead engine. Campaigns run 24 hours per day and undergo database verification prior to delivery. See Verification Technology. Leads are not called by America's Lead Source before you make contact for this campaign.

After client orders have been met in a particular state/day, Real Time LIVE leads are stored in a queue until the following morning. 100% of these leads are then called to verify accurate phone numbers and a genuine interest. They are then delivered in real time one by one after we hang up with the applicant. Some organizations prefer to receive their leads at a consistent time everyday. This campaign runs in the morning, Monday through Friday.

This is the most popular way to start if you have never purchased leads from America's Lead Source before. A HYBRID campaign involves receiving leads from both LIVE and VERIFIED campaigns, allowing you to benefit from the best of both worlds and determine if one type is more profitable than the other for your organization.

Whether you receive your leads Real Time LIVE or Real Time VERIFIED, make sure you follow up right away to speak with the applicant at their peak level of interest.

Notification is available to your cell phone free with all campaigns! Ask one of our knowledgeable consultants for more information.

We source debt settlement and debt consolidation leads from our network of personal finance websites including www.LoseMyDebt.com and www.HotLoan.com. Additionally, we advertise on other top-tier web properties to generate our leads.
Our leads are generated from consumers taking the initiative to solve their debt problems. We do not engage in activities like spam, email blasts, sweepstakes, incentives or other gimmicks. This is the reason why our leads have high closing rates.
There are no set up costs for establishing an account.
No long term commitments
No splits
No setup fees
Several filters are available for our debt settlement and debt consolidation leads including minimum debt amount and state restrictions.
We offer real time or daily batch delivery on our leads. You choose the delivery process that best fits your needs.
Invalid names
All phone numbers are invalid
Duplicate leads
Underage person
We have been providing debt settlement and debt consolidation leads since 2004. Many of our clients have been with us since the inception of our company. We believe in long-term business relationships and our goal is to help you grow your debt business with our marketing services.

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